Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I love the idea of Zack Zenner to the Cowboys

I have no idea if they are looking at him, but I can't help but look at his play and think, "Man...he would be a perfect backup in Dallas.  I think he would totally be able to handle all the responsibilities of the starting job for 6 games a year for the next 7 years."

Unlike Cobb who under further review I see a lot of bad tape (While he looks good at times, he seems slow to the line fairly consistently and lacks any breakaway speed  --- that combo kills you in the NFL), I am consistently impressed with Zenner's film.

Here is Zenner in the snow vs. Montana State in the FCS playoffs.  This is especially good video because we have had trouble in cold weather games the past few years.  I love the way he has a sense for how good a footing he has.  You see him freeze defenders and blow by them repeatedly in this video.

It also shows him blocking --- pretty solid job although once he just nicks his guy and his man get to the QB (who holds the ball too long).  I am not too concerned about that as the block would have been sufficient for Romo.

Here is Zenner on solid ground where you get a real feel for his speed.  I like that he has explosion. you see him break some tackles and you see him explode into his top gear.  He times at 4.6 but you see him on game film running away from people utilizing a burst of what looks like something between 4.45 to 4.5 to me.  He is definitely an example of a player with "game speed".

He beat up two bad FBS defenses in Nebraska and Kansas, but he also did quite well vs. SEC east powerhouse Missouri's defense.

Zack Kruse has joined me on the Zenner bandwagon. He notes in his fine article that

"...when given a chance to face the big boys, Zenner always rose to the occasion. 

He opened up a breakout 2012 campaign with 183 rushing yards and a 99-yard first-quarter touchdown against Kansas. One year later, Zenner took the field at Nebraska's Memorial Stadium and busted off 202 rushing yards and two scores. He completed his trifecta of big-school domination last season, when he rushed for 103 yards—including a 75-yard touchdown—against Missouri. 

Over his final 41 collegiate games, Zenner averaged 148.2 rushing yards and 6.2 yards per carry. In his three chances to face top-level competition, he averaged 162.7 and 8.0. The opposition knock just doesn't hold water for the former Minnesota prep star. "

He goes on to note that Zenner rushed for 6078 yards and 58 TDs the last three years and that his measurable are VERY similar to the  third tier of RBs in this draft --- Boise State's J. Ajayi and Alabama's T.J. Yeldon --- if not better.

and he's not the only one to join me on the Zenner bandwagon including ESPN talent.  Gil Brandt likes him too.

I think Zenner won't hit on a lot of teams, but on a team like Dallas, where the hole is where it is supposed to be, Zenner would be a nice add.

And Zenner is no knucklehead.  No, Zenner is pre-med.  Dallas, if you are looking for the right kind of guy, look no further....

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