Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Give me Eric Dickerson/Adrian Peterson.

When you talk about RBs in this class, fans and scouts tend to get very silly.  They talk about this being the best class for RBs in years.

I seriously doubt it.

But there is one back in this class who I think is flat out dynamite, that Dallas actually has a legitimate chance of getting.

Todd Gurley is his name.  But don't call him that.

If you call him Todd Gurley, you will think of that guy with a knee injury.

Call him "Eric Dickerson/Adrian Peterson".  That's more accurate.

IF he doesn't turn out to be a chronic injury concern, he will be one of the two or three best players in this draft and in all likelihood, the best.

If he does happen to be a chronic injury player he will only be a faster, more focused version of DeMarco Murray. This guy is a very polished runner who set up his blockers.  He's a much better runner than DeMarco (and DeMarco is pretty good) and far, far faster.

You can find all kinds of videos of backs getting clean holes and running away from average defenders.  There are tons of videos of Gurley outrunning (overrated, but still respectable) SEC secondaries. This kind of video separates the real deal runners from the rest for me.

That is vs. a pretty good defense.

And unlike the vast majority of the rest of this draft class, he can block well enough to keep Tony Romo upright.

This guy is like a stronger, faster version of Marshawn Lynch.  Where Lynch wiggles and twist out of tackles and falls forwards to pick up an additional two yards, this guy powers through arm tackles and explodes forwards for TDs.

He looks like a hybrid of Adrian Peterson and Eric Dickerson to me.  He has speed like Dickerson and a game that doesn't pale next to Adrian Peterson's.

Don't tell me about giving up the first round pick for Adrian Peterson.  Tell me about trading 1,3,&4 to get into 18-23 range and pick this guy ahead of Arizona.

Don't give me 2-3 years of greatness.  Give me 10.

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