Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The year of the football gods, or why the Pats should be glad there is no "overall football championship game".

It occurred to me yesterday that this post-season was like a virus affecting the NFL.

The Football Gods virus

The Dallas Cowboys had it first.  "The greatest offensive line in pro football"  was dominated by the Detroit defensive line for most of the game. Dallas was the beneficiary of some great/ fluke plays and some blown calls to come back and win the game.  The football gods smiled on Dallas.

Green Bay caught it from Dallas.  Dallas was controlling the game, Green Bay charged back.  The refs disallowed a Dez Bryant catch and the Cowboys fell.  (America weeped.)  The football gods blessed cheese nation.

Seattle then caught it from the Pack.  Green Bay dominated Seattle then out of nowhere Seatlle roars back and steals the game. The football gods give the Seahawks a gift return trip to the Super Bowl.

Then the Pats caught it from the Seahawks.  With the ball at the one with almost a minute to go and a strong running game vs. a weak run defense, Seattle opts to throw a risky pass into the scrum of NE's defense.  Pats win based possibly entirely on the whims of the football gods.  (well... it sure wasn't merit, lol.)

The Patriots should be glad the NFL and college champions don't play.  In general you would be crazy to put money on a college team, but based on the football gods virus, I would totally put my money on Ohio State.

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