Sunday, February 15, 2015

I would not be surprised to see Clemson's DT Grady Jarrett in Dallas on draft day

Grady Jarrett was a three year starter in Clemson.  He was a team captain so he passes the "right kind of guy" test. And he brings attributes Dallas could use.

Jarrett is an undersized guy---a 1 technique, but plays hard and has quickness and power that show up on his pass rush.  I personally prefer guys who have the burst to finish when they gat close.  Jarrett doesn't have that, but he is consistently difficult to handle on passing downs.

I am suspicious that he may be a lesser Jay Ratliff. Ratliff only had 3 years where he put up good sack numbers but about 5 years where he was just very disruptive.  I think this guy projects to be similarly attention getting without the sacks the elite DTs get.

I think he can definitely pair with Henry Melton and Tyrone Crawford to help consistently collapse the pocket and push the QB into Dallas's DEs.

This just hits me as the kind of guy I could see Dallas falling for.  I don't see other top DLs in this draft so far that scream Dallas.  That may be a big part of why Dallas reached for Lawrence (a guy who was developmentally a year away) last year.  (One hopes Dallas won't reach early on a guy like Alvin Dupree due to their brainstrust's overestimation of the worth of any edge pass rusher who checks their boxes.  Dallas has several guys on the roster who have had 6 plus sack seasons as DEs. The middle is the big issue.)

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