Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to ramp up the cowboy's talent base

I think that one huge mistake the Cowboys make under Jerry Jones is not scrubbing free agency every year for failed top 100 players.

Let me explain what I mean.  The NFL is generally very much given to group think.

There is a wide assumption that if a team drafts a guy and he fails it is because the player didn't work hard enough.

That is ridiculous.

And yet players fail at their first spot and fall out of the league all the time.

NFL GMs arrogantly assume that if these guys could play they would be on an NFL team.  That is again, quite stupid.  Right off the bat, that is assuming every NFL coach is a good coach and wants to give said player a fair shot to succeed and continue working with that coach.

From a Cowboys perspective, Mr. Jones should see the stupidity of that argument.

Martellus Bennett

Anthony Fasano

Kevin Burnett

These are top 100s who fell out in Dallas and had good productive careers elsewhere.

It happens all the time and NFL GMs largely ignore that.

Look at leagues that have competed against the NFL.  (I won't go back that far as few are as into that as me.)


Tommy Maddox ---former 1st round pick who fell out of the NFL, got a shot in the XFL and became an NFL starter.

Every time a coaching staff is fired, probably half of their top 100 players from the previous 4 drafts are run out.  It is beyond dumb that NFL GMs haven't picked up on this.

Dallas with it's commitment to stocking the roster with the right kind of player, is well suited to incorporate these guys.

If Dallas were really smart about it, they would treat it as a supplemental draft, pulling their draft day boards and signing anyone they liked on draft day.  It would be a great way to counteract the Cowboys tendencies to turn 3 top 100 picks into 2.

I am optimistic by the recent signing of RB Ryan Williams to a multi-year deal.  Williams is a feature back type who was drafted by the Cardinals in the second round of the 2011 draft.  He was an early entry RB (young for a RB) who blew out his knee early in the 2011 pro season.

While I am not given to adding players with injury history to a team given to injuries, the point is to add young quality to the team's top 100 player nucleus.

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