Saturday, December 27, 2014

Who makes the NFL playoffs? Week 17 predictions.

Let's start with the AFC

1 New England ---  I would not be surprised to see the Pats take this game off and the Bills win this game.

2 Denver --- Oakland has a chance to pull another upset, but I think the Broncos are not playing quite as badly as people think and will put this one away early.

3- Pittsburgh --- Pittsburgh has been about as flaky as you can get this year and their defense is pretty mediocre, but it doesn't change the fact they are 7-2 in their last nine games and beat the Bengals a few weeks back.  They are playing well at the right time.

4- Indianapolis --- The Colts can use some time to get healthy.  The playoffs are unfolding right for them with a week essentially off and then a matchup against a Cinci team that doesn't show up in big games who the Colts torched earlier this season.

5- Cincinnati -  More of the same for Cinci.  Expect an Andy Dalton mediocre game.

6- San Diego - San Diego will be without Ryan Matthews and likely without Keenan Allen and will be playing a solid KC team with a gamer at QB in backup Chase Daniels.  So why am I picking the Chargers?  I believe in Phillip Rivers. One of these days he will drag the bolts to the superbowl ala Aaron Rodgers a few years back.

Now the NFC

1- Seattle - The Seahawks will take the #1 spot this week with a win over the Rams but I think the game will be fairly close.

2- Green Bay - I am not in love with Green Bay, but they have played fairly good ball for most of the season and should kill the Lions in the cold.

3- Dallas - Disclaimer: I am a lifelong Cowboys fan, but ...I also picked them to win 4 games this year.  The development of Zack Martin into a rookie season pro bowler surprised me a bit --- I thought it would take him 2-3 years to get there.  The team taking on the attitude of the line was a lot more surprising. Murray playing all 16 games and Romo playing almost all of them was shocking to me.  Dallas and Washington usually split games and the Cowboys seem to get they are playing over their talent level.  They seem focused to win this game as a playoff tune-up.  I wonder if losing this game would give us a shot at Atlanta or Arizona... I do not like Dallas's chances against either NFC North team, but do against the rest of the field.

4- Atlanta - I have no faith in Cam Newton, but I have only slightly more faith in Atlanta.  I think they played last week to save their coach and will do so again this week.

5- Arizona - Man, the Cards are paying the price for having crap at QB.  SF will kill them.  Good luck in the playoffs....

6- Detroit - Just the team I did not want Dallas to play.  Detroit is a beast up the middle and they know our OC's tendencies.

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