Sunday, December 7, 2014

A confession to make --- I do also HOPE the Big 12 gets bypassed in the initial playoff selection.

I mean, I'll be content either way, but the whole "We'll roll with 10 schools" thing is partially based on DeLoss Dodd's thoughts that a 10 school roster and the elimination of a championship game would give the Big 12 an edge on the other power conferences.

I really resent Dodds for the shape the Big 12 is in today. Although I really like TCU and Baylor and would love to see them make the playoffs, anything that refutes a smarmy Dodd's theory and gets UT and OU's leadership to look at expansion to 12, I am all for.

If the Big 12 produces 2 of the top 6 teams in the country but their champion gets passed over because they fall one "quality win" short, I have to think that would open some eyes at UT and OU and then expansion would happen.

No offense Baylor and TCU fans.

To me... whatever happens will be a win.

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