Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ouch, the Las Vegas Bowl was a huge black eye for Colorado State's Big 12 hopes.

Colorado State had a huge task ahead of them.  They had lost their head coach and faced a very good Utah team in the Las Vegas Bowl.

A victory over the Pac-12 Utes would have given CSU an 11-2 season record and would have proven their record was not a product of an incredibly weak Mountain West Conference.  From there, CSU could have rolled into basketball and to quite possibly another NCAA tournament bid.

Such a scenario could have put CSU athletics in the cat bird's seat for Big 12 admission.

45-10 later, all one can say is "Ouch."  So much for that.

The loss of their coach and their poor bowl game showing does a lot to erase what football credibility they built this year.

CSU will continue to have to hope for someone in the Big 12 to show some long term vision in looking at the Rams as a candidate.

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