Saturday, December 27, 2014

Michigan needs to sign Mrs. Harbaugh.

Michigan is reportedly out to sign Michigan alum and current San Francisco 49ers head football Coach Jim Harbaugh to be their next head football coach. Reportedly they are waiving $8 Million a year at the former Michigan QB but still Harbaugh has not committed.

I'll be as blunt as I can be.  I do not believe Jim's wife wants to live in Michigan. I don't blame her.  The state is in a state of collapse.

Michigan needs Harbaugh. To get him, I think they need to land his wife.

Whatever she needs to hear, they need to say.

The reality is that Michigan has signed throw it around, space coaches for years.  It has failed miserably.  Michigan is soft.  They need someone who will bring back toughness and the Michigan way and no one is a better candidate than Harbaugh for that.

Harbaugh's Stanford teams played a lot more like classic Michigan teams than any Wolverine team in the last decade.  Ohio State and Michigan State are good enough teams that if Michigan beats them both, Harbaugh's Wolverines would be in the college playoffs, where his physical style has a great chance of success.

There is nothing preventing a Michigan resurgence.  The Offensive linemen that go to Wisconsin these days could easily be brought in by Harbaugh.  Harbaugh's enough of a national brand and proven commodity to recruit any position that the region cannot produce.

I don't know what it would take to land Mrs. Harbaugh.  Whatever it is, Michigan needs to figure it out and tell it to her.

If they need to give her guest homes in New York and Chicago to win her over than it needs to be done.

If it takes a frank conversation where they tell Mrs. Harbaugh that a lack of toughness is the problem at Michigan and the only coach skilled enough and manly enough to restore the program is her husband, it needs to be said.  If they need to show a connection between top level FBS football and university donations that can help a brain drain in a struggling state, Michigan's admins needs to do that research.  Maybe they need to show her how football generated donations to a university can go to academic scholarships, cooperative educational programs, and can even generate university created businesses.  Maybe they need to show her how her husband's brand can correct a lot of what is wrong in that state.

Jim Harbaugh can be football Jesus to the state of Michigan and Mrs. Harbaugh can play a huge and public role in making that happen.

This is a state that needs someone to believe in and the Harbaughs would have little trouble being those people.

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