Thursday, March 12, 2015

Who will Dallas take in the first round?

I hear two names that don't thrill me but sound about right.

Mississippi MLB/OLB Benardrick McKinney & Indiana RB Tevin Coleman.

McKinney sound eerily like what the Cowboys hoped to land in LB Ryan Shazier --- a 4-3 OLB who can also function as a strong edge rusher.   That my friends is a unicorn and Dallas's leadership appears deadset on capturing one alive.

McKinney also is praised for his mad "position-flex"  something that makes Jason Garrett foam at the mouth.

Dallas could also see this guy as a replacement for the unstable Rolando McClain at MLB.

Coleman is a guy I don't want to knock too much --- gaining big yards at a marginal program in a big conference is a good sign --- but I would vastly prefer a RT to keep Romo upright  for the night where Doug Free suddenly jumps the shark. 

But if Demarco Murray jumps ship --- especially to Philly --- I can see Jerry insisting on drafting a RB in the first round.  Jerry loves to have a set of triplets to sell and first round RB is an easy sell.

I would be very, very disappointed to see Coleman picked by Dallas in the late first while Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley was still on the board, but I could totally see the Cowboys wanting to outsmart everyone else.  If this organization has management tragic flaws, being too smart by half in a desire to differentiate itself from other organizations is one and practicing groupthink is another.

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