Monday, March 10, 2014

Ware to negotiate with Cowboys?

On Dallas Sports radio today, they are talking about Jerry Jones and the Cowboys' negotiations people attempting to negotiate a lower deal for Demarcus Ware.  Oddly they seem to think Ware and his agent will be able to force a quick renegotiation and get Ware into the free agent market as soon as possible if Dallas demands too large of a cut.

(If there is no deal in Dallas, Ware would want to get into the free agent market as soon as possible--- before the other NFL teams needing outside linebackers spend all their money  --- eliminating his ability to generate a bidding war.)

Dallas is, at this moment, roughly $1.5 Million under the cap after redoing Romo and a few others (pretty similar to what we discussed in the last Cowboys' cap article). Cutting Ware today would free up an added $7M in cap space. You could probably get a 4-3 DE who is better vs. the run and could get you greater than the 6 sacks Ware delivered last year for about $3-4 Million. 

If Dallas doesn't want to chase free agents, tehy could hold on to Ware until the summer.  Cutting Ware on June 1st would free up $12.3 M in cap space.  Cutting Ware at either moment (combined with the greater cap number that appears on the way) would immediately restore sense to the Cowboys' cap for the next few years.

I don't think I see any leverage for Ware to make any kind of demands, unless Dallas solely wants out of his contract now to chase free agents (and even then, they just cut him --- no negotiation needed).

Now I don't think the Joneses want to part ways with Ware.  I am sure The Cowboys would be thrilled to have Ware back at half his current cost or slightly more as a "loyalty tip".

If Dallas wants to cut Ware and sign a budget DE who fits the 4-3 better, they could be motivated to get it done quickly, but on the same token, those same motivations to get things done quickly apply to Ware's desires.  It is tough to imagine Ware having much leverage, even in that scenario.

To me the conversation is:

Stephen Jones: "Here is your new contract. Take it or we will cut you at our leisure --- Probably now."
Demarcus Ware: "I can make more in free agency, cut me."  or "I can't make more. Where do I sign?"

I don't get what I am missing.

I really hate when the media assigns more leverage to a player than is obvious and they do not explain it.

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