Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mavs on deadline day

There are a handful of basketball ideas out there for the Dallas Mavericks to consider on draft day today.

David Lord, cap guru,  named off four players/trades he thinks the Mavs should consider --- Cleveland's PF Anderson Varejao, Houston C Omer Asik, Boston PG Rajon Rondo, and if those can't happen, anyone for Wayne Ellington.  I think this is a fairly decent list that mirrors my own thoughts, but his proposed trades seem ridiculously Mavs stilted to me.

I do think he is right that Dallas PF Brandon Wright and SG Wayne Ellington have to go today, but my first choice is to make a homerun deal with Boston.

I cannot see Dallas offering enough to intrigue Boston for Rondo unless Dallas smacked Boston with a great deal highlighted by an unprotected #1.  I could see doing that, but I think Boston would want a pair of firsts.  I would be OK with offering the Larkin and Calderon plus 2020 #1 with it being unprotected, but I think to motivate Boston you would have to offer a more immediate asset, like say a top 6 protected #1 in 2017 or 2018 as well.  I am good with that as I think the squirrelly Rondo is the best PG in the league today.

Having Rondo, Dirk, and Marion is a good tough core.  I'd really prefer a second deal as well though.

I think the Asik deal is an interesting one because that is the ideal kind of situation for Brandon Wright.  I have a hard time believing Houston would take Wright and C Bernard James for Asik alone, let alone and PF Greg Smith.  I think Smith is a 6'8"-ish nice prospect with giant hands, but I can't see Houston giving that away.

Wright, James, and Ellington and a top 6 protected pick in 2016 or 2017 for Asik would be a nice deal to me.

I might try a bigger deal like Asik & PG Jeremy Lin for a top 3 only protected first, Wright, Ellington, James, PG Shane Larkin, C Sam Delembert and PG Devin Harris (if they want him).  (Shuffle out scrubs if the Boston deal takes away Larkin). I think it is risky trading away a potentially high first, but again, what caliber of player are you getting back?  Asik is worth it.  Lin would do a lot to help the Mavs in end of game situations, plus there is every reason to believe Lin will play a little better each year as he puts his injury in the rearview.

Houston clears off both of their poison pill deals and can again play the market in coming seasons.

My third choice would be Wright and Ellington for Varejao. I like Varejao a lot, but he is a 4 who can play 5, not a true 5 like Asik.  Varejao to me is Tyson Chandler without shot blocking ability.  I would be quite comfortable passing on CJ Miles.

I do agree that it would make sense to dump Ellington for a guy like the Lakers' Jordan Hill, but really you are just trading a backup at one spot for one at another.

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