Sunday, June 16, 2013

I disagree

Why The Sports Minority Report?

Phillip K. Dick wrote "The Minority Report" - a story based in a society that uses 3 precognitives to predict crimes in the future.  (It was made into a decent movie in 2002.)

Their predictions are compared and when one of the trio's visions does not agree a majority report and a minority report are created.

I decided to start this report because I disagree with a lot of decisions made in the business of sports. 

I feel frustrated because smart, successful business people make some sports decisions that seem crazy to me.  I feel like a large chunk of my sports writings are minority reports.

Like everyone else, sometimes I am wrong, but I have a pretty solid track record.

I used to post in forums and write articles for some of the internet news pages, but I am getting to the point where I'd just prefer to write my thoughts into my own blog. 

I can write at a site like BleacherReport and get exposure to a very large audience of people. Unfortunately most of those readers are general sports fans.  Articles on my preferred subject matter --- sub-NFL level pro football leagues and college football realignment --- are not well received there to start,  contrary opinions are especially unwelcome.  (I am also a Dallas Cowboys fan. Those articles also are troublesome.)

Writing a good editorial takes time.  Writing ones that makes a newsworthy, counter-intuitive point  --- while preemptively countering most ill-conceived conventional wisdom based arguments so my ideas can be considered at their merit  --- have taken me 72 hours or more to construct. 

I am a Dad.  I just don't have that kind of time anymore.

Today, I just want to get my thoughts on the business of sports out quickly.

Some will reject my opinions here and that is fine. That comes with nay-saying.

But here I know anyone who reads these articles will have come here with a somewhat open mind, ready to hear a different opinion.

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